Care Myth: „Leather shoes must be greased regularly.“

Image photo with the CAMINO GTX, Bildauswahl Herbst 2018

Dubbins and oils are clearly not the ideal choice for looking after modern leather shoes. It is generally important that shoes made of leather are cared for regularly, to ensure they remain supple and ready for use over a long period. But there are definitely differences in the choice of care products available. The dubbins and oils that are frequently used are generally unsuitable, as they soften the leather over time and can even seal it completely, so that the shoe can no longer breathe. Any adhesive bonds on the shoe may also be rendered inef­fective. You’re better off using special leather wax and impreg­nation spray. Special leather care products for outdoor shoes, e.g. LOWA Active Creme or LOWA Water Stop PRO, are available from specialist retailers.


“Do not forget textile materials! You should also regularly waterproof the textile materials on your boots in order to improve the material’s ability to repel water and dirt.”

Arthur | LOWA Manager Service Department